A View From Mount Douglas

Hiking Up to the top of Mount Douglas in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada yields incredible views of the city and area.

His Holiness The Fourteenth Dalai Lama

“If things and events did not have the nature of changing from moment to moment, we would be unable to explain how transformation takes place over time. When we reduce vast passages of time down to very brief ones, we can realize that things are actually changing from moment to moment. Modern technology helps us see some of these changes; the development of a biological organism, for example, can be observed through a microscope. Also, at a subtle theorectical level, certain observations indicate the extremely dynamic nature of physical reality. It is this fundamental law of nature – impermanence – that creates the potential for our own change, development and progress.”

Illuminating The Path to Enlightenment

Tenzin Gyatso
His Holiness The Fourteenth Dalai Lama Of Tibet

A Commentary on Atisha Dipamkara Shrijnana’s A Lamp for the Path to Enlightenment & Lama Je Tsong Khapa’s Lines of Experience

Translated by Geshe Thubten Jinpa

Edited by Rebecca McClen Novick, Thubten Jinpa, and Nicholas Ribush