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My name is Blair G. Main. I am the founder of this web domain, and a contributor to content found on the website and third-party platforms.

Television.Network is at it’s beginning. I am aiming to create a healthy alternative to existing broadcasting and media corporations. My focus will be on human and environmental issues, with a goal of creating a message of compassion and understanding. We will work with like-minded individuals, corporations, non-government organizations and governments to encourage our audience, content-creators and ourselves to strive to make this world better, more beautiful, than we found it before.

With my camera, I have the opportunity to create any kind of content imaginable. As I continue to evolve as a photographer and film maker, my subject matter will follow my journey. This truth has lead to a lot of introspection as a creator.

My journey in life has lead to changes in my outlook, aspirations and ambitions. You will find inspirational and thought-provoking quotes along with my work, as I have been greatly influenced by gaining a greater understanding of life, by living it and reading the stories and thoughts of others.

I love being in nature, amongst the picturesque landscapes of the planet and our neighbours, wildlife. I have photographed and filmed in these settings, and strive to create a variety of content from my footage. I want to tell the story of serenity, with long shot films of sunsets, waterfalls, rivers, oceans, and life in natural settings. As wildlife visit me, I attempt to tell their story, if only briefly.

People and cities also fascinate me. I am torn on how to create content featuring people. It is an unusual time for privacy. Surveillance cameras are widely used at businesses, in public places and at private residences. We, as individuals, are capturing more of the world with our phones and cameras, than ever before in human history, and sharing it to the internet. Our privacy has all but vanished. At present I have decided to create content that does not feature people, with the exception of a actors.

Content will be categorized by type, style, keyword tags, and author.

Let’s watch something together!

Kind regards,

Blair G. Main