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Welcome and thank you for visiting Television.Network!

The vision for this website is to allow people to connect, share and discuss content presented to us via broadcasters and content-sharing applications.

We hope to engage our members to develop a community that critically analyses the content that we consume.

As such, content is to be divided into broad categories relating to the subject matter of the content.

Members, and visitors alike, will find that the categories are familiar to them.

Visitors can register an account to become members.

Members are able to join and create groups.

Groups enable for organized discourse defined by members. A group consists of two discussion mediums, namely an activity stream and forums. Within the forums format, members of the group can create a topic for discussion enabling for other members of the group to discuss that topic in an archival setting.

Members are able to add personal information to their profiles, including a profile picture, cover image and additional details.

This web application is optimized for desktop and mobile environments while embracing open-source and proprietary components to create a unique experience for our members and visitors.

As is the nature of this web app, please feel free to add your comments!